Birch Fabrics

Birch Fabrics is a small, boutique textile company offering 100% organic fabrics.  Treated with love, not pesticides.  Going Coastal Fabrics is proud to carry Birch Organic Fabric.
Birch Organic Fabric
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Red Cardinals fabric
Stone Organic solid poplin
Jet Black Solid Poplin (Organic)
Shroom Solid Poplin from Birch Organics
White fabric with blue stardust
Navy fabric with white stardust
Sold Out
Mint with stars fabric
Mint and White Stripes fabric
White and Black stripes
Heather Floral fabric
Forest in Mint, Dog Park, Birch Organic Fabric
Dog Fabric
Dog Fabric
Christmas Tree fabric
Orange linen fabric
Pink linen fabric
White Solid Poplin (Organic)
Teal Solid Poplin (Organic)
Mineral Solid Poplin (Organic)
Holiday Red Solid (Organic)
Grey Solid Poplin (Organic)
Grass Solid Poplin (Organic)
Glacier Solid Poplin (Organic)
Cream Solid Poplin (Organic)
Blush Solid Poplin (Organic)
Gray (Charcoal) Linen Fabric
Gray with gold and cream dots
Whales on pink, Tonoshi, Kujira Quince