Daydream collection by Patty Basemi for Art Gallery Fabrics. (OEKO-TEX certified)

Step into Patty’s childhood, where her daydreams became reality. With playful prints that remind us of picking flowers, reading books, and creating ice-creams out of flowers, this collection encapsulates all the magical memories of being a child.

Daydream by Patty Basemi
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Cream fabric with florals in blue
Cream print with little girls and flowers
Aqua fabric with jars and text
Pink fabric with small white hearts
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Daydream fat quarters
Peach fabric with floral ice cream cones
Floral fabric
Yellow, pink and blue flowers
Pink fabric with little girls
Only 1 left!
Diamond print fabric with peach and pink
Pink fabric with dress up clothes
Aqua fabric with colorful dollhouses
Blue floral fabric