Seashore Drive, Sheri & Chelsi

Summers along Seashore Drive meant spending time together as a family. The crashing waves and cool breezes on sunny days were accompanied by walks along the shore to search for seashells, pistachio-flavored ice cream at the shoppe by the pier, and evenings watching the tide roll in. Strolls along Seashore Drive were met with friendly faces, hanging flowers and plants from balconies, and the crisp smell of salty air.

Seashore Drive is a reminder of those summer days in Newport where countless memories were made. Beautiful coral, orchid, aqua, blue, citrine, grey, and charcoal create a palette of the stunning hues found all around us during our time there. The Seashore Drive whimsical florals and prints remind us of flower gardens and color-filled window boxes while the delightful text print describes some of our favorite feelings from ocean-inspired living.

Seashore Drive by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics
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Seashore Drive jelly roll by Sherri & Chelsi for Moda Fabrics
Seashore Drive Charm Pack, Sherri & Chelsi, Moda Fabrics
Seashore Drive by Sherri & Chelsi by Moda Fabrics