Serenity from FIGO Fabrics

Serenity by Ghazal Razavi for Figo Fabrics.  Serenity is FIGO's new neutral and pastel basic collection.  The colors have been carefully selected based on trendy retail palette for bedding and home decor.  This collection aims to create a peaceful sense of calm.  This premium quality cotton collection is OEKO-TEX certified.
Serenity, FIGO Fabrics
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Serenity, Stripes in Blue, FIGO Fabrics, Ghazal Razavi, OEKO-TEX
Dots in Camel, Serenity, FIGO Fabrics
Serenity, Stripes in Taupe, FIGO Fabrics
FIGO Fabrics, Serenity in Stripes, Pink Stripes, OEKO-TEX
FIGO Fabrics, Serenity, Stripes in Green, OEKO-TEX Certified
FIGO Fabrics, Serenity from Ghazal Razavi, Stripes in Gray (Grey)
Serenity, Dots in White, FIGO Fabrics
Dots in Beige, Serenity, FIGO Fabrics
Dots in Tan, Serenity, FIGO Fabrics
Dots in Blue, Serenity from FIGO Fabrics
Serenity, Dots in Lilac, FIGO Fabrics
FIGO Fabrics, Serenity, Stripes in Black, Ghazal Razavi