Crossweave Charm Pack by Moda Fabrics

$9.60 $12.00

Crossweave Charm Pack by Moda Fabrics.  This 42 piece bundle includes duplicates of some of the prints.

Dimension. Color. Depth. Those are all words that are used to describe crossweaves, a fabric woven with warp and weft threads of two different colors. As with chambrays, the two colors give the fabric a new kind of energy. For 2022, Moda is introducing a new collection of crossweaves, closer in weight and hand to our quilting cottons, and in a vibrant selection of color combinations, many chosen to work with the collections of Moda's Designers.  (The warp threads run lengthwise and the weft is the crosswise threads.)

Manufacturer: Moda Fabrics
Designer: Moda
Collection: Crossweave
Fabric Size: 5" squares