Floradora Layer Cake by Jen Hewett for Ruby Star Society


Floradora Layer Cake by Jen Hewett for Ruby Star Society.  This bundle contains 42 pieces and includes some duplicates.

Jen Hewett's granny was named Florence, and Florence loved a fizzy drink.  Jen inherited her book of cocktail recipes, and while flipping through it one day, she came across a recipe for a Floradora - gin, framboise, lime and soda - and thought the name was perfect for a collection of springy bubbly prints.  Floradora is a celebration of springtime after a cold, gray winter, when everything blooms and brightens.  Jen pushed her signature floral style in a more geometric direction with this group, creating a pleasing blend of lines and shapes.

Manufacturer: Ruby Star Society
Designer: Jen Hewett
Collection: Floradora
Fabric Size: 10" squares

  • 100% Premium Cotton - Quilter's Weight.
  • Made in Japan.