Birch Fabrics, Birch Basics 2021, Wink Lunar Rock (Organic)

$5.15 $7.25

Manufacturer: Birch Fabrics
Designer: Birch Fabrics
Collection: Birch Basics 2021
Print: Wink Lunar Rock

  • This fabric is certified GOTS organic.
  • 100% Cotton Poplin - Quilter's Weight.
  • Fabric is typically 44-45" wide.
  • Fabric is dyed with low impact dyes.

Care: Wash on gentle cycle in cold water with like colors using a fragrance free, non-chlorinated detergent that is preferably environmentally friendly. We recommend drying your fabric on a low heat cycle, but the most environmentally friendly way to dry your fabrics is the good ole’ fashion way…hang dry. 

Shrinkage: You can expect your organic cotton to shrink less than 5%. Please follow our recommended washing instructions for lowest possible shrinkage.